Top Shows To See At The 2016 Edinburgh Festival Fringe

Edinburgh Fringe Actors
Wondering what the best shows at the 2016 Edinburgh Festival Fringe are? There are certainly thousands to choose from, but so little time to see them all! We’ve made a list of our top picks, plays that we we think you should definitely go and see. So after you’ve been to all four of our shows outdoors at the Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh, venture indoors to see these 25 plays in the 25 days of the Fringe.


1. Fossils

Fossils Edinburgh Fringe

The other show at the Fringe from the wonderful Nel Crouch (who has directed our Romeo and Juliet), and the first show we’ve seen in Edinburgh this year. We can safely say it’s going to be a hit, and the music in particular will blow you away. Tickets here.


2. Pond Wife

Pond Wife Edinburgh Fringe

A feminist re-telling of The Little Mermaid, all based on pop hits from the 1990’s. As 90’s kids ourselves with a penchant for great hairdos (shoutout to Teddy Lamb), we’ll be heading there as soon as we can. Tickets here.


3. A Boy Named Sue

A Boy Named Sue Edinburgh Fringe

We’ve never seen anything from this company before, but after meeting Bertie (the writer) last year, we can guarantee it’ll be interesting to say the least! Tickets Here.


4. Boris: World King

Boris World King Edinburgh Fringe

This show came around last year, and we’re wondering if any updates have been made (very!) recently due to the heavily-political summer we’ve had. Already a hit, and guaranteed to please! Tickets here.


5. Expensive Sh*t

Expensive Sh*t Edinburgh Fringe

We saw Adura’s previous show, Hela, at HIFA (Harare International Festival of the Arts) last year, and if that’s anything to go off then we’re sure this’ll be a great show. Tickets here.


6. Adler & Gibb

Adler & Gibb Edinburgh Fringe

We caught Tim Crouch’s An Oak Tree at the Traverse last year, but missed this one when it premiered at the Royal Court in London. As he usually plays with the traditions, constraints and expectations of theatre, we’re sure Adler & Gibb will be an incredibly eye-opening experience. Tickets here.


7. Two Man Show

Two Man Show

We’ve seen all of Rash Dash’s shows over the past few years at the Fringe and beyond, and they’re always great. A beautiful marrying of physical theatre, spoken word and music, they’re an absolute treat to watch. Tickets here.


8. William Shakespeare’s Long Lost First Play (Abridged)

William Shakespeare’s Long Lost First Play (Abridged) Edinburgh Fringe

The latest show from the Reduced Shakespeare Company, creators of The Complete Works of Shakespeare (Abridged), this’ll be a chance to see the company’s madcap humour at work. Tickets here.


9. White Rabbit Red Rabbit

White Rabbit Red Rabbit Edinburgh Fringe

An interesting show in that it has no permanent actors – each day, the play is performed by a new actor, reading the script for the first time. The Iranian writer, Nassim Soleimanpour, was unable to get a passport as he refused to do national service in Iran, and so his play travelled the world without him ever seeing it in person. Tickets here.


10. The Vaudevillains

The Vaudevillians Edinburgh Fringe

We saw Les Enfants Terribles’ Ernest and the Pale Moon years ago at the Fringe, and have seen their shows take off across the country and the world – including an immersive version of Alice in Wonderland. This is one of their earlier shows, revived in celebration of the company’s 15th year. And it’s in the gorgeous Speigeltent in Assembly George Square, which is an experience in itself. Tickets here.


11. Verge of Strife

Verge Of Strife Edinburgh Fringe

Sounds like a thinker, and looks very interesting. Tickets here.


12. Every Brilliant Thing

Every Brilliant Thing Edinburgh Fringe

We saw this show a couple of years ago, and it’s just great. Heartwarming and brilliant. Tickets here.


13. Labels

Labels Edinburgh Fringe

We’ve never seen this one before, but have heard brilliant things after it has toured around the country since last year’s Fringe. Tickets here.


14. Ada/Ava by Manual Cinema

Ada/Ava by Manual Cinema Edinburgh Fringe

We’ve seen ads all over Edinburgh for this one, and we’re slightly won over by it. It is a ‘manual cinematic shadow puppet experience’ and looks like the front cover of a gothic horror novel. Definitely worth checking out. Tickets here.


15. Bucket List

Bucket List Edinburgh Fringe

This is the newest show from Theatre Ad Infinitum, who put together the wonderful Translunar Paradise a number of years ago. Always a company to watch out for. Tickets here.


16. Trainspotting

Trainspotting Edinburgh Fringe

An immersive version of Irvine Welsh’s novel. Sounds utterly terrifying, but exactly what the Fringe is all about. Tickets here.


17. World Without Us

World Without Us

We saw Ontroerend Goed’s Audience a few years ago, and it was the most unsettling thing we’d ever seen before. We’re expecting (but not necessarily hoping for) more of the same here. Tickets here.


18. Snakes and Giants

Snakes And Giants Edinburgh Fringe

The Flanagan Collective put together a great all-female Romeo and Juliet at the York International Shakespeare Festival last year, and here they are with a very different-looking show which appears to be just as much of a sweeping epic. It begins in darkness and ends with a thumping strobe-filled soundtrack. Tickets here.


19. MacBain

MacBain Edinburgh Fringe

Macbeth and Lady Macbeth, Kurt Cobain and Courtney Love all mashed together into a story. Sounds bizarre. Tickets here.


20. Faulty Towers the Dining Experience

Faulty Towers The Dining Experience Edinburgh Fringe

Definitely one for the families and the parents, and you get a full three course meal too! Pretty much exactly what you see on the screen for Fawlty Towers, but only a third of the show is scripted – so who knows what could happen. We imagine it’s not the most peaceful meal you’ll have at the Festival. Tickets here.


21. Finding Joy

Finding Joy Edinburgh Fringe

We’ve never seen a show by Vamos Theatre before, but have heard amazing things. We’ll be checking them out this year. Tickets here.


22. Lemons Lemons Lemons Lemons Lemons

Lemons Lemons Lemons Lemons Lemons Edinburgh Fringe

Again, not one that we’ve seen before, but have heard great things. And it’s in the Roundabout, which is a lovely venue! Tickets here.


23. Swansong

Swansong Edinburgh Fringe

The latest show from DugOut, who we’ve seen before with Inheritance Blues. Should be a winner. Tickets here.


24. The D-List

The D List Edinburgh Fringe

We have no idea whether this show will be good or not. But it has Sam from the Apprentice in it, so we thought we’d go along. Tickets here.


25. From the Mouths of the Gods

Screenshot 2016-08-04 12.02.38

Another one from The Flanagan Collective that has definitely piqued our interest. One actor and one audience member perform alongside each other in a show about “freewill, determinism, maths and kissing”. Tickets Here.


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The HandleBards are performing open-air productions of Much Ado About Nothing, Richard III, Romeo And Juliet and The Taming Of The Shrew at the 2016 Edinburgh Fringe. Find out more, here.

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