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Paul graduated from The Oxford School of Drama last summer.  At no point whilst training did he cycle the length of the country, but he did play Bottom in A MIDSUMMER NIGHT’S DREAM and perform at The Globe as part of the Sam Wanamaker Festival.  He has spent the last few months working at the Houses of Parliament, so is naturally very excited to be cycling, fast, in the opposite direction.  Already a keen London cyclist, he is looking forward to detoxing his lungs; and is very proud to be doing this as a HandleBard.

And his favourite Shakespeare quote?

“Sell while you can, you are not for all markets.”

My Favourite Thing About The HandleBards:

The prospect of wearing lycra cycling shorts.

If Shakespeare Was Alive Today:

I would ask him how he ever managed to live in a world without lycra.

The Biggest Adventure I've Ever Had:

Travelling around Europe, but that was by rail. This time, I’m promoting myself to a bicycle.