The Comedy Of Errors, 2014

“For With Long Travel I Am Stiff And Weary.”

2014’s HandleBards tour was over twice the distance of 2013’s. Our all-male troupe cycled 2000 miles across the UK, the Netherlands and Belgium performing The Comedy Of Errors and Macbeth over 70 times, before taking the shows to Bangalore and Harare too! We had an absolute ball with this one; in the last scene 16 characters appear – tackling that with just four actors on stage was an absolute hoot.

Director: James Farrell
Associate Director: Emma Sampson
Designer: Libby Todd
Fight Director: Andrei Zayats
Marketing Director: Callum Cheatle
Producers: Callum Cheatle, Tom Dixon, Paul Moss
Cast: Callum Brodie, Callum Cheatle, Tom Dixon, Paul Moss