World-wise Winter Warmers

A paper cup full of steaming hot coffee, a hearty takeaway in a plastic box, any mode of transport that doesn’t involve freezing to death when cycling or walking. We make it through insane weather by way of treats. And when it gets as cold as it has been this week, we sometimes let our green conscience take a backseat. But it doesn’t have to be that way! Hygge can be Green, Cosy can be Eco, Snuggly can be Savvy.

We love eco-preaching in the Summer months; so here’s our Winter guide to staying warm, being happy and being a Green Machine…


1.Turn up the heating as much as you like… with BULB

If you’re getting your electricity and gas from one of the big 6… erm… why?! Companies like BULB and Pure Planet are buying completely 100% certified green energy from renewable sources, selling it to UK households and competing with the big boys on price. They’ve got generous referral schemes for new customers and they’ve digitally disrupted the market with awesome apps to conveniently keep track of your energy usage. The government’s Uswitch service makes changing supplier as easy as… I don’t know, riding a bike?


2.Drink gallons of coffee – from a KEEPCUP

Starbucks are charging 5p per paper cup, Pret are slashing a cool 50p off the price of any hot drink when you bring along a reusable cup. So if you gotta start the day with a cup of joe, do it with a KEEPCUP. They fit under all barista coffee machines, they keep your drink piping hot, and they look smart. Retailing at £15, it’d take 30 discounted Pret coffees to pay for itself. You can double check our maths if you really want…


3.Get steamy between the sheets – with a HOT WATER BOTTLE

Okay, this one’s not revolutionary, but before you go out and and buy an electric blanket or get into a pointless and expensive Tinder relationship for a bit of extra body heat at night, double check there’s no ancient hot water bottle under your bed. No luck? Then check out these sustainable rubber-free hot water bottles from the über-cool German designer Hugo Frosch. The rubber industry is gradually becoming socially and environmentally responsible, but until it’s up to scratch, these recycled (and fully recyclable) plastic hot water bottles are the solution to your cold toe problem.


4.Give yourself some retail therapy – shop at ANYTHING BUT PLASTIC

If you saw Blue Planet, you will have seen the chilling images of the plastic plague our seas and oceans are suffering. Governments are starting to talk about it, but it’s up to us to stop buying it. Jenny Derry has some truly awesome products for sale which don’t use plastic. She has grand plans to change the world and, if a few more people, especially retailers, thought like her, maybe we could quickly sort this pesky plastic problem. We recommend you protect your lips with some Tinted Lip Balm or clean up in a relaxing bath with some Aloe Vera Soap.


5.Get in the warm – SIT IN A THEATRE

Not all theatres and companies are as green-thinking as us, but now isn’t the season for pedal-powered outdoor theatre. Plus we haven’t even started rehearsals yet. While we’re cooking up some cool shows – Romeo and Juliet and Twelfth Night FYI – here are a few recommendations for some hearty plays in nice warm theatres:

  • The Manchester Royal Exchange are kicking off March with what’s set to be an awesome April De Angelis adaptation of the gothic classic FRANKENSTEIN. Opens March 9th.
  • If you’re in Sheffield, head to the Crucible for FROST/NIXON which is not only an awesome play, but stars, Jonathan Hyde, AKA the Dad from Jumanji. Seriously. Runs until March 17th.
  • And if you’re lucky enough to be in Bristol in March, you have to see what Michael Boyd has done with Checkov’s final masterpiece, THE CHERRY ORCHARD. It’s at the Bristol Old Vic from 1st March to 7th April.


So that’s it. Hope you’re feeling warmer already. For more brilliant ideas for green living, saving money and, of course, saving the planet, check out this brilliant book Zero Waste Home: The Ultimate Guide to Simplifying Your Life by Bea Johnsonand remember to buy it from your local bookshop if you possibly can!

See you on the other side of the Snow Vortex.

The HandleBards x



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